Learning About Dementia in Senior Pets

Senior pets are prone to suffering from what is called cognitive dysfunction syndrome, or simply a form of dementia. As a pet age, there are certain degenerative changes that happen in the brain. and this can bring about more problems in pets. For the affected pets, they would experience various noticeable changes in terms of their ability to respond, memorize, learn, and do other cognitive functions. When a pet experiences being disoriented, he or she can quickly become lost or confused in various familiar and unfamiliar environments. Moreover, there might be other distinct changes in terms of their approach when it comes to dealing with other pets and interacting with people. Still, you as the pet owner might notice other distinct changes in the sleeping pattern of your pet; affected pets would tend to sleep for many hours during the day and then might stay up all night. Some pets also have compulsive behaviors (like unusual licking or grooming). 

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