Cats and Manage

Mange is a common in skin disease that is known to affect mainly dogs. However, it can also affect cats. This type of mange is often referred to as demodicosis or demodectic mange. This is an inflammatory skin disease that can happen to cats. Like dogs, mange in cats can also be caused by mites that may not necessarily be visible to the naked eye. If you notice unexplained skin irritation or hair loss on your cat, please call your vet to have it check out. Typically, cats that do not have a compromised immune system (as in FeLV) are not bothered as much by the mites or at least do not develop as severe skin conditions. However, when the number of mites on the cats becomes excessive then skin lesions, genetic disorders, immune system problems, or additional hair loss may follow. Click here to learn more or contact your veterinary clinic Jacksonville, FL.


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