Choosing A Litter -- Litter Tracking Factor

Litter tracking is a common issue associated with certain types of  litters. After a cat uses the litter box, litter can get stuck on his  paws and falls off as he walks around your home, and this can certainly  be a problem that cat parents have to deal with every day.  

In  general, pellets that are larger in size or heavier tend to track less.  Recycled paper and corn-based pelleted litter are among the top choices  for reduced tracking. Clay litter or those made from plant fibers tend  to stick to a cat’s paws. Take note that the smaller the particles,  regardless of what material the litter is made of, the more tracking you  will have to deal with.  

Many pet owners remedy this  issue by placing a mat at the entrance or exit of the litter box, so  most of the litter falls to the mat once the cat gets out of the box.  

Sudden changes in your pet’s elimination habits should be brought to the attention of your vet Webster, NY. More details here:


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