Dealing with Overtrimming of Your American Shorthair's Claws

If you have a cat like an American Shorthair for quite some time, then you might be aware of how meticulous you need to be in terms of his daily care. 

One of the common tasks you need to do is keeping your American Shorthair's claws or nails trimmed on a regular basis. If you don't have time to trim your Shorthair's claws or you have no idea how to do it, you should bring him to your preferred vet, the nearest animal clinic, or a professional groomer. You can also ask your vet to educate you so you can, later on, do it yourself. 

One of the most common mistakes in terms of trimming cat's claws is trimming it too close to the nail's "quick". The quick of your American Shorthair's claws is an area with a blood vein and this area could bleed if you trim too close to it. If you commit this mistake, you should quickly compress the area and use styptic powder or cornstarch-and-baking soda mixture to reduce the bleeding.

Know more about your pet’s grooming needs on your next visit to your cat care center Rochester, NY. 


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