Kinds of Stress That Cats Experience

A cat that is experiencing some form of stress is not really uncommon. So watch out if your cat is stressed: it can bring about a serious change in the way your cat behaves around your house. Not only that, but stress can bring about certain medical issues as well. The following is a quick list of several kinds of stress that your cat may experience along the way. 

The stress brought about by the environment is particularly bad for your beloved furry feline friend. Environmental stress may involve a difference in the immediate environment, such as when you remodel a room at home (especially one your cat frequently visits) or bring home a new pet (dog or another cat). Serious changes like these to the cat's environment are really inevitable and therefore hard to control, so try to balance the change along with reducing your cat's stress. Social and behavioral changes can induce stress in cats too. 

A sudden change in your pet’s health and/or behavior should warrant an appointment with your best vet clinic Rochester, NY


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