Heartworm Disease in Cats

Did you know that cat are susceptible to heartworms just like dogs are? The next time your cat has a wellness visit with the vet make sure you ask for a heartworm test. Most vets run heartworm tests yearly. Heartworm disease is a serious disease that can be fatal if not treated properly. The disease itself is caused by a foot-long worm or heartworm that can invade the heart, lungs and blood vessels of your cat. Cats tend to have fewer heartworms in their body than dogs, however, the worms can do much more damage to cats. Cats have been known to develop secondary conditions like heartworm associated respiratory disease also known as HARD. Medication used to treat heartworms in dogs is not as effective in cats. This makes it even more important to keep your cat on a monthly heartworm prevention program. Consult with your vets Somerville MA to learn more


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