Treats for Gerbils

Looking for a snack to share with your gerbil? Who doesn’t like giving their pets treats? Treating is a way to build a bond with your gerbil. Treats can also be used to help teach or train your gerbil to do tricks. Always remember to feed treats that are approved by your vet and feed the treats in moderation since they should not be your gerbil’s primary source of food. Generally, gerbils do well on a variety of treats including things like cheerios, rice crispies, apples, carrots, and even a little roughage like lettuce. Always talk to your vet before giving your gerbil anything new to eat.When you know what to feed and how much you can offer some to your gerbil. Don’t forget, you can hide some in the cage too as gerbils tend to like finding surprises! Talk to your veterinary clinic Bend OR for more tips.


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