Tear Duct Blockage in Cats

Did you know that the shape of a cat’s eye can sometimes determine the type of injury, allergies or other eye conditions that could occur? Some cats have uniquely shaped eyes that can cause a few problems in the department of waterworks also known as tears or tearing up. For instance, the almond shape of some cats eyes can cause problems with the tear ducts. If your cat has any type of eye swelling or excessive eye watering, please call your vet. A yellow or green discharge can signal debris in the eyes, a scratch, or even tear duct blockage or damage. Your vet may need to examine your cat to make a diagnosis. Tear duct blockages can be common. In fact, the medical term given when a cat’s tears do not correctly drain through the ducts is called Epiphora. Click for more information or contact your veterinary clinic White Rock, TX. 


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