Signs of Seizures in Pet Birds

If you own a pet bird, make sure you take him to your vet for annual wellness checks to take care of your bird’s overall health. If for any reason you think your bird may be having seizures, talk to your vet and describe symptoms. Birds that suffer from seizures of epilepsy tend to show symptoms of confusion, convulsion, involuntary crying out, involuntary body movement and even loss of balance. Seizures for birds often happen in four different phases. The first phase may involve abnormal behavior. The second phase may involve disorientation and uncoordinated movements. Your Love Bird may even fall from his perch, go into convulsions, cry out or even defecate uncontrollably. The third phase may involve exhaustion, confusion and restlessness. Learn more about seizure activity in birds by clicking here or calling your veterinarian Wichita, KS to learn more about seizures and epilepsy in birds. Or click here:


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