Overheating in the Rosy Boa

Snakes like the Rosy Boa can overheat if they are in a particular hot area of your home. For instance, try to avoid keeping your snake’s habitat by a window as windows often bring in more heat or radiate heat. Keep your snake in a cool place in your house that receives some sunlight, but not direct sunlight. Snakes don’t actually sweat so they need a place to cool off. Make sure there is a large enough soaking bowl for your snake. Soaking in cool water is how some snakes cool off and stay hydrated. They don’t drink the water, but instead soak it in through their skin. Keep fresh water in the bowl throughout the day. Snakes are pretty good about regulating their own body temperature to stay comfortable. However, if your snake isn’t responding to you as usual or if he looks lethargic, please discuss with your veterinarians Wichita, KS right away.


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