Treating Fatty Liver Disease in Austra Whites

Has your Austra White chicken or other type of chicken been diagnosed with fatty liver disease? If so, make sure you find out what type and the suggested treatment. Fatty Liver Hemorrhagic Syndrome (FLHS) is one type of fatty liver disease. Symptoms of fatty liver disease include being overweight, pale comb, and excess abdominal fat. Once the symptoms occur call your vet to schedule a check-up. Once a diagnosis is made, your vet will then advise you on a treatment option for your Austra White. Treatment may include supplementing feed with 6% oat hulls, high protein feed, adding Choline chloride, Vitamin E, VitaminB12 and Inisoitol to the feed, preparing a fish meal, preparing an alfalfa meal, increasing exercise and free ranging, and most of all limiting fatty foods. Monitor your chicken’s progress and report back to your vet routinely. In some cases, treatment may need to be adjusted. Always check with your vet clinic Derby before changing treatment plans. 


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