What Are Hot Spots on Dogs?

Have you heart of the term ‘hot spot’ on dogs? A hot spot describes an extremely irritated or sensitive part of your dog’s skin. This area is often red and extremely itchy. A hot spot can cause your canine companion to be extremely irritated or anxious in behavior as well. If your dog is constantly chewing or scratching at an area on his leg, tail, stomach, head, etc. then give your vet a call. He could be biting at a flea or tick or he could be developing a few hot spots. These spots can be caused by allergies, insect bites, fleas, poor grooming or even an underlying ear or skin infection. Make an appointment for your vet to examine your dog in order to identify the cause and provide relief for the irritating itchiness. A topical cream or ointment is usually prescribed. Consult with your veterinarians Bucks County, PA for more tips


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