When to Wean Your Kittens

Pregnancies from cat to cat can be different as can be the timeline for weaning their kittens. Talking with your vet and ensuring your kittens are seen for routine exams can be helpful in determining the best timeline for weaning. In general, most weaning processes begin when the kittens are four weeks old. The actual process or transition time can last anywhere from four to six weeks. Experts believe a kitten is old enough to be weaned once his eyes have opened, he is able to focus and he is steady on his feet. Your kitten may also show signs of approaching weaning age by nibbling on his mother’s dry food. This is a good indication that he is ready to be introduced to dry foods. It’s important that you don’t start the weaning process too soon. Talk to your veterinarian London, ON for the best timeline for weaning. 


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