Regular Grooming Means Better Health For Dogs

Grooming sessions are great opportunities to attend to your pet’s grooming needs while checking his body for signs of parasite infestation, injuries, lump or bumps. Even short-haired dogs benefit from grooming help. These sessions are also time well-spent with your canine buddy as you bond and strengthen your relationship. 

Regular brushing of your pet’s teeth is the best way to protect your pet from tooth and gum problems, as well as serious health issues associated with bacterial infections in the mouth that enter the bloodstream and cause disease in major organs of the body. 

Cleaning your dog’s ear regularly helps prevent infections, and regular nail trimming prevent ingrown, infections of the dog’s paws and associated structures. Well-trimmed nails also help maintain healthy posture and maintaining joint health. 

Washing your pet’s feet after he has spent time outdoors can help reduce parasites and get rid of harmful chemicals that the dog may have walked on during his outdoor excursions. 

Sudden changes in your pet’s health and/or behavior should warrant a visit to your vet clinic Galena, MD.

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