Ticks In Guinea Pigs

Ticks can be found anywhere. Especially on our pets. They’re parasites that feed on your pet’s blood and are known to carry diseases. They’re generally bad for your pet’s health. Though not commonly thought of, guinea pigs can also be hosts to ticks. They’ll usually acquire this from dogs and cats living in the house or nearby. If you spot one lurking on your guinea pig you should immediately remove it. Do this by holding the tick near the skin of the cavy. Once you have a sure hold pull it straight up. Avoid pinching the tick, this will only cause its head in the cavy. Also pinching will cause the tick to release its toxins into the cavy. If you have more than one pet, chances are others may also have ticks, so take the time to inspect them as well. For more information about tick medication do contact your veterinarian Middletown, DE. Or set an appointment at this website Galena Animal Medical Clinic.


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