Tips for Finding a Lost Cat

Has your cat suddenly gone missing? If so, look around the house and the immediate yard area first. Cats often like to hide under decks to avoid being found or to avoid something that has scared it. If there’s still no sign then start looking within a one mile radius of your home. Cats tend to get scared and hide in trees or under cars. They may not come out when called. If your cat still doesn’t turn up, expand your search focusing in on a 20 mile radius of your home. Print fliers with your cat’s photo and your contact information and post them everywhere within that 20 miles. Contact local veterinarians, animals shelters, etc. Talk with your neighbors and ask them to be on the lookout. Post fliers in post offices and super markets since many people visit these places. Share the post on social media. Also contact your animal hospital Lapel, IN for any additional ideas. Or click this website.


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