Appetite Loss In Cats Can Be Dangerous

Cats that are not feeling too well or is under stress often lack appetite. Trying and coaxing them can sometimes be difficult. Without adequate food intake, the cat’s body will try to counteract the effect by the breakdown of body tissues so there will be a source of energy. Poor food intake can also cause the immune system to stop functioning properly which can greatly increase a cat’s susceptibility to infection. 

Another important problem that can develop in cats that go without food for sometime is hepatic lipidosis. It is a serious disease of the liver which can be life-threatening. The condition can develop if a cat doesn’t eat within a relative short length of time. Poor appetite can also be dangerous as it can lead to specific nutritional issues that a cat can have a hard time recovering from. 

Sudden changes in your pet’s food intake and eating habits should be brought to the attention of your vet care Sarasota, FL


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