How to Treat Myelopathy Paresis and Paralysis in Siamese Cats

Are you aware that certain cat breeds like the Siamese cat can get inflicted with myelopathy paresis and paralysis? If you own a cat especially the Siamese cat, you should consult your favorite vet and read on further to learn about diseases like this that damage and affect the spinal cord.

As a disease, myelopathy paresis and paralysis are known to give rise to muscle weakness (medically called paresis) or even loss of mobility and feeling (paralysis) to your beloved pet cat. The kind of the disease, as well as the area affected, will be dependent on the specific area on the spinal cord that is affected. Muscle numbness and/or weakness can impact all four legs of your cat, or just one or two legs or only the front part, etc.

To properly diagnose myelopathy paresis and paralysis, you need to bring your cat to your experienced Veterinarian Tipp City OH so it can get a urinalysis, blood work, CT scan, MRI, and possibly extraction of the cerebrospinal fluid too.


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