Signs Of A Healthy Cat -- Check Out Your Cat’s Eyes

Did you know that your cat’s eyes can tell a lot about his health? Yes, healthy eyes appear bright and shiny. There are no abnormal discharges and the lining of the eyes is pinkish and not inflamed. Some mucus and watery tears are normal but yellowish-green pus, a sticky eye, excessive tearing can all indicate signs of an eye issue. The whites of the eyes should be clear, not reddish or yellowish. 

The eyes can suffer from a number of potential causes. A foreign object in the eye could cause it to tear up excessively. An eye infection or any abnormal issues affecting the eye, such as opacity or cloudiness, should be brought to the attention of a veterinarian San Antonio, TX as soon as possible. Prompt veterinary attention and intervention are important to prevent problems from becoming worse which can possibly lead to vision problems. Click here for more information.


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