How Feeding Your Dog the Wrong Dog Food Can Hurt Him

If you’ve been to the pet store any time lately then you’ve most likely noticed aisle after aisle of dog food. Finding the right food can be tricky. It’s important not to randomly choose a food, but to talk to your vet and make an informed decision. Giving your dog the wrong food can hurt him. For instance, randomly choosing a dog food could seem OK. Your dog may love it and appear to be healthy, happy, and at a decent weight. However, routine bloodwork could show too much sodium or salt in the diet. The dog food could be too high in these things and you may need to switch to a low sodium diet. Make sure you read the label of dog foods to find out what’s in them. If there’s too much of one ingredient or not enough of another then your dog could get sick. Consult with your pet clinic Lewisville, TX to find the right food for your dog or Ask your Riverchase Animal Hospital for further information.


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