Broken Nails In Dogs

When a dog’s nails is not well-trimmed, they are prone to breaking, When a nail splits or breaks, the pain can be excruciating. There is a part of the nail called the ‘quick’ where blood vessels and nerves are present, thus there may be bleeding when a nail is broken. 

A dog with a broken nail can scratch or break your skin unintentionally when they paw at you. Broken nails may also cause damage to furniture, flooring, carpeting, etc. 

To reduce a dog’s chances for breaking his nail, you should keep your pet’s nails well-trimmed. Dogs with long nails are unable to walk comfortably, putting unnecessary pressure on their ‘wrists’, leading to sprains and other problems that affect the feet. 

A broken nail that’s bleeding or painful requires a visit to the veterinarians Ellicott City MD. Without prompt intervention, a bleeding toenail can lead to loss of blood, pain, or infection. 


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