Epilepsy In English Mastiffs?

Certain canine breeds are more prone to experiencing epileptic seizures than others. The English Mastiff is one canine breed that’s especially prone. Epileptic conditions are usually inherited from parents, which means the problem is congenital or hereditary. This type is generally known as an idiopathic seizure. The other one is known as symptomatic epileptic or seizure episodes. Unlike the first one, this seizure’s causes can be determined and is usually caused by another illness. Seizures can also be further classified as either being “Petit mal” or partial motor seizures or “Grand mal” also known as major motor seizures. The former is less severe than the latter and only lasts a few seconds as opposed to the longer “Gran mal” experience that can cause the dog to lose consciousness. You can consult your vet clinic Marietta, GA for more information about how to treat your pet’s epileptic seizures.


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