When to Trim You Dog’s Nails

Trimming your dog’s nails on a routine basis is part of your dog’s overall health and wellness. Your dog should have his nails trimmed every four to six weeks to keep them from growing too long or overgrowing the paw. If your dog’s nails are clicking loudly on the floor or scratching the floor then the nails may need to be trimmed. You can trim the nails yourself at home with dog nail clippers or you can call your local groomer or drop by the groomer for a quick nail trim. Some vet offices will also trim your dog’s nails either during a routine visit or at drop by visit schedule specifically for nail trimming. If you trim your dog’s nails at home then you should make sure you have styptic powder, cornstarch or flour readily available in case you cut too close to the quick of the nail (or vein). If you need assistance, give your veterinarians Murrieta, CA a call.


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