Leash Walking Pet Cats

Cats, particularly the more outgoing ones can be trained to walk on a leash. But leash-training cats is not as easy as in dogs. It will need double the time, effort, patience, and positive reinforcement compared to dogs. This can be attributed to a cat’s suspicious nature. Any cat won’t readily accept anything strange, unfamiliar or suspicious. Thus, to start leash training on the right foot, err paw, properly introduce the leash to your kitty. It helps that he will associate the leash with a positive environment. And how can you achieve this? By placing the leash in the spot where your furball stays most of of the day in. Or you might place it near his favorite scratching post, vertical space, or asking spot by the window. At first, the leash might remain unnoticed. Try dragging the leash through the floor or rubbing some catnip on it to trigger your pet’s curiosity. 

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