Tips for Looking for a Dog Breeder

If you’re looking for a specific dog breed then you may want to look for a professional dog breeder. For instance, if you want a Pomeranian that is purebred and comes with all the papers then look for a Pomeranian breeder. You can check with your vet for references, talk to other Pomeranian owners, and look at ads online and in print. When you do find a breeder make sure you do our home work to ensure the breeder is responsible and choosing puppy homes with care and consideration. Responsible and professional breeders should allow you to visit the puppy frequently. The home or environment where the dog lives should be clean and spacious. The dogs should appear to be well fed and generally friendly. In addition, most breeders will breed one or two particular breeds. They also may not have puppies often. Ask for references, check them and even get your veterinary clinic Norwalk, CA involved. 

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