Do You Have an Emergency Vet ?

It’s important as a pet owner to make sure you have an emergency vet or know where the nearest emergency vet is in case you have an emergency with your dog or cat after your regular vet hours. Talk to your vet to find out which emergency veterinary clinic the office works with. Your vet may also serve as an emergency clinic so you should ask about that option first. Some times local vets can’t handle large emergencies so you will be sent to a larger veterinary hospital knowing this ahead of time can help save time when there’s an emergency situation with your pet. Whether the emergency clinic is your home vet or a different vet, keep the number posted on your fridge and programmed in your phone for quick access. If the emergency vet isn’t in your area, make sure you have a map ready. For more tips, talk with your veterinary clinic Dutchess County NY.


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