How Poisons Affect Pets

Did you know that different poisons can affect your pet differently? It is extremely important to keep cleaning solutions and other chemicals out of reach of your cat or dog. Poisons should also be kept out of reach including rat poison, weed killer, etc. If your cat or dog ingests any type of poison, call your vet right away. You need to call poison control as well. Poison control can help determine the right treatment for your particular pet because poisons affect pets differently. The amount of poison your 10 pound cat ingests can cause more harm to the cat than your 50 pound dog that ingests the same amount. In addition, cats may react differently than dogs because of their makeup. Please, do not assume that if one pet is fine that the other pet will be fine too. They can react differently. No matter the type of poison or the amount ingested, call your professional vet clinic Lagrangeville NY right away.


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