Consider Adopting a Senior Dog

Many animal shelters have a lot of pet dogs (abandoned or whatnot) waiting for their rightful owners and joining a brand new family. A lot of these dogs are typically in their senior years and have grown old right inside the animal shelter, and they are definitely raring to spend their golden years in a home like yours. 

Before you consider picking one of those senior dogs in the animal shelter and bringing them home right away, you need to answer one important question. 

Are you in a stage of your life when you really have money and time to care for a senior dog? A senior dog is a lot different from puppies as the former would likely have age-related medical problems. 

A senior dog potentially has a lot more medical problems than younger dogs or even puppies. You must be prepared to care for your dog genuinely and spend for all medical expenses in the future. 

A newly adopted dog, senior or not, should be brought to a vet clinic Leesburg, VA for a thorough wellness and dental check. 

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