Weight Management of Dogs And Cats -- A Lifestage-Appropriate Diet Is Key

Countless studies have shown that overweight pet dogs and cats are a lot more susceptible to developing life-threatening health problems which can drastically affect their quality of life and longevity. 

Just like in humans, the two top reasons why pets gain excessive weight is due to taking in or consuming a lot more calories than necessary coupled with the lack of exercise or physical activities. Putting your beloved furry pet under a life stage-appropriate food regimen or diet is critical because pets at different life stages have varying needs in terms of calories, nutrients, and other factors. You should provide life stage-appropriate, high-quality pet food to your pet throughout its life to keep it active, healthy, and strong no matter the life stage. For several dog breeds such as Labrador retrievers, dachshunds, pugs, and beagles which are more susceptible to obesity, you need to closely monitor their food intake and provide regular exercise. 

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