Can Garlic Prevent Worms in Cats ?

There are a lot of myths and hearsay when it comes to what’s best to feed cats to prevent illnesses or promote health. One of those myths is the idea of adding garlic to a cat’s food to help prevent worms. Your vet can most likely tell you that garlic is not going to keep your cat from getting worms. Garlic just enhances the flavor of the food and either encourages your cat to eat or discourages your cat to eat. If you want to find ways to keep your cat healthy and to prevent worms then talk with your vet. Most heartworm medications for cats also include a deworming element. You can also help avoid worms in your cat by not feeding fresh fish or other fresh meats. Mice can also carry diseases so be cautious of those as well. For more tips, give your animal hospital Ontonagon, MI a call. Visit website to know more.


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