Fun Facts About the Abyssinian Cat

Looking for a feline friend? Have you thought about the Abyssinian? This highly intelligent cat loves to play games and can be mischievous. At the same time, he’s incredibly smart, loyal and affectionate. However, he is not a lap cat. If you want a cat friend, but not a cat that smothers you then this could the be the breed for you. The Abyssinian has been referred to as the Border Collie of the cat world and is one of the top 5 breeds in the U.S. The Abyssinian is energetic, fast, and smart. He has a slender physique with a wild or exotic look about him. He is believed to resemble its African cat ancestor the Felis silvestris lybica. The Abyssinian’s Tabby-Ticked coat and almond shaped eyes that are green or gold. The cat loves to be the center of attention without being over the top. Click this website Fairfield Animal Hospital to learn more or contact your vets Cy-Fair. 


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