Shaving your Dog's Fur

Part of what makes our dogs very attractive are their furs. They come in many different styles and they make our dogs all the more interesting. But they can be quite cumbersome to take care of, especially when they require a lot of care. That’s why some owners often resort to shaving fur off of their pet dogs. There are, however, other valid reasons why owners do this. 

If your pet dog has to undergo an operation, he’s going to be shaved on the area that will be operated on. Your veterinarian is going to be doing this to ensure that the incision area is clean. 

Dogs whose fur is very prone to matting will benefit from shaving. Matting can often cause discomfort and some degree of pain for our pets, that’s why it’s best to just shave them off. 

Others just shave their dogs for aesthetic purposes. Such as poodles that look more fun when shaved in certain areas. You may consult with a vet Las Vegas, NV to know if it’s safe to shave off your dog’s fur.


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