Choosing Cat Breeds for Your Kids

One of the reasons why we get pets in the first place is to have something to cuddle with. But cats are known to be quite independent creatures. This behavior can sometimes be at odds with our kids wanting to pet them all the time. There are however, breeds that love the attention we give them. 

Kids can sometimes get very rough with cats, and the Ragdoll breed is perfect for this. The name is quite appropriate as this cat doesn’t mind getting some ‘rough-love’ by the playful kids. These adorable cats are very easy going and will put up to just about anything. Another breed that is great for kids is the Devon Rex. They’re an interesting-looking breed but nonetheless very affectionate. This makes them the perfect companion for your kids and the family. They like to greet their family owners with a good snuggle. You’ll also find that Maine Coons and the American Shorthair are great choices. If you want to find out more, you can contact your veterinarian Rochester, NY.


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