Why Some Dogs Like the Cat's Litter Box

Are you one of those animal lovers who share your life and home with cats and dogs? If so, you might have noticed instances when your pet dog finds the cat’s litter box interesting. While a dog’s curiosity regarding the litter box is quite normal, you should undertake measures to discourage the behavior because cat poop and pee may be harboring pathogens and/or parasites that the dog can be infected with. There are some reasons that can help explain why dogs find litter boxes quite appealing. First is boredom. If you see him playing with the cat's litter box, it might mean he's bored with his toys or he simply doesn't have a lot of dog toys to play with. Some vets and dog owners think that a dog may raid the litter box when it's hungry or when it wants to add some (possibly lacking) nutrients to his diet. It is also a good idea to refer your pet’s behavior to your vet Webster, NY. To know more, click this link:


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