Leash Training a Puppy

Some dogs can easily take to a collar compared to others. In places where leash laws are strictly implemented, dog owners need to conduct dog leash training. Successful puppy leash training demands tons of patience, confidence and consistency. Depending on your dog’s pace and temperament, you should be ready to deal with the long haul—take it slowly one day at a time until your dog is able to overcome whatever obstacles that may come in his way to successful leash-training. Although laws may be lax in your area with regards to keeping your dog on a leash, it is still very important to train your puppy to walk on a leash. Dogs love to go on walks and explore the great outdoors. By nature, dogs love to run and romp around. When you have him on a leash while walking, you will find your dog stopping every now and then to sniff areas and urinate to mark specific spots.  

Talk to your vet Bel Air, MD if you have any concerns about your pet’s behavior.


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