What to Feed Your Hog

Do you own a hog or two? Are you thinking of bringing a few hogs to the farm? If so, make sure you know what will be required to give the hogs a comfortable place to live where they’ll be well fed and well cared for. For instance, your vet can help you determine what type of diet your hog will need to be on. If you’re raising your hog for human consumption then there are few things you are going to want to feed him to ensure growth. Likewise, there are things you shouldn’t feed the hog in order to ensure the meat is safe for humans. For example, avoid feeding grains or plants that have been processed with hormones, antibiotics, and other chemicals. If you raise your hog all natural then make sure you feed him all natural grains. Your animal hospital Wichita, KS may recommend raising your hog on pasture to increase muscle and decrease fat, which makes for better meat. Learn more here.


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