Communications in Chickens

Chickens can communicate just like people and animals. However, they don’t exactly communicate in the same way. Want to know more about chicken communication? Chickens are social birds. You may have noticed this in how your hens flock together and pretty much eat, hunt, and talk together when out free ranging. Chickens may be heard cackling at each other, growling at each other or even shrieking at each other. What does this all mean? Chickens may growl as they peck each other or set the pecking order for the group. When the social order is set they may squawk back and forth to ensure the social order. Some chickens may be noisy and disrupting on purpose if they sense that their ‘friend’ is missing. For example, if you’ve harvested a chicken or had to remove her from the coop then other chickens may start acting up and getting loud in protect. Click to learn more or notify your animal hospital Wichita, KS.


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