Cleaning your Guinea Pig’s Cage

Plan to clean your guinea pig’scage and replace bedding regularly to help keep your guinea pig healthy and happy. In general, you should plan to spot clean your guinea pig’s cage one a daily basis and then completely clean the cage once a week. Daily cleanings are just picking or scooping out the poop piles and overly wet spots. For weekly cleaning, remove your guinea pig from the cage and place him in a safe area. Remove the feed bowl, water, and toys for separate cleaning. Dump the old bedding into a large garbage bag. Use a cat litter scoop or something similar to scrape the wet bedding out. Spray the cage with a vet approved cleaner and wipe it dry. Add new bedding. Return your guinea pig and other items to the cage. Don’t forget to clean the water bottle too. For more tips, call your veterinarians Bend, OR, also visit their website


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