How to Get Rid of Your Cat's Ticks

Many cat owners might think that ticks can be easily removed or pulled off from a cat's coat. But the hard truth is that it is not that easy. If you're like other cat owners, you might endanger your cat if you haphazardly pull a tick off your cat. 

You can only remove ticks in certain ways. You can get rid of them by using your fingers, or using a tick removing tool and tweezers. When using your bare hands, there is a specific way to remove a tick. Once you find a tick, you must hold on to it as close to the cat's skin as you possibly can, and carefully pull the tick straight up with constant and even firmness. You can also use a tweezer for the purpose. 

Avoid making the mistake of yanking or twisting the tick left and right. Doing so could leave tick remnants on your cat's skin. Squeezing the tick is also not recommended, because doing so could set some toxins loose from its body and into your cat. Ask your vet Lapel, IN for an anti-tick product that is safe and effective your pet. 


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