Get To Know Your Cat's Competitive Show Classes

Competing in your first cat show will require a lot of preparation. It can be quite overwhelming but there are certain items that you can go through to make things easier. Registering your pet cat for the actual show and choosing which show classes you’d like to compete in will be first on the list. While this may be confusing, don’t be shy to ask for advice from cat owners who’ve already competed in the same contests in the past. They’ll already be very familiar with the requisite processes, so soak in as much information as you can. Next, never forget to register with the CFA. This is a requirement, not having registered will disqualify you and your cat to any CFA-sponsored event. Don’t skip on practice shows, and rehearse going through registering parts as well as choosing competitive show classes. There’s a copy of the CFA guidelines that will cover show rules and standards for your cat’s breed, so do read up. Contact the CFA if you have further questions about the show.Medical papers for your cat will almost always be a requirement, these can be had from your best veterinarian Anderson, IN.


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