Canine Mountain Family

Did you know that there are four dog breeds that originated in the Swiss Alps? These particular breeds are said to have been developed by a group of herders in the Appenzell region of Switzerland. The bred the dogs to be sturdy, hearty, working dogs that spend much of their life guarding, protecting and herding their assigned flock. Those four breeds known as the mountain dog breeds include the Greater Swiss Mountain dog, the Bernese Mountain dog, the Entlebuncher Mountain dog and the Appenzeller Sennenhund or Appenzeller Mountain dog. The Appenzeller stands out among the others as one of the oldest breeds around. Researchers believe it is a descendent of Roman cattle dogs. The canine is used today as a family canine companion and a farm dog. The breed does well with other pets and children of all ages. They are smart, loving, and loyal. You can learn more from your vet Sarasota, FL.


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