The Pirate Dog A.K.A. the Australian Cattle Dog

There are a variety of canine breeds that have picked up the nickname of ‘pirate dog’ or ‘pirate masked’ canine due to their coat colorings and patterns. One of this breeds is the Australian Cattle Dog. This canine has been known to wear an eye patch or a full mask. The Australian Cattle Dog comes in two colors – blueish grey and reddish brown. Some also come with a black patch coloring over one eye or black patch colorings over both eyes giving them the appearance of wearing a mask. The Australian Cattle Dog is already one tough breed but the patch or the mask just enhances the toughness in the canine’s appearance. The breed is known for its ability to herd livestock. The breed is rough and tough and has great stamina. If you’re looking for a companion for hikes and running then this may be the canine for you. Learn more by calling your veterinary clinic Lakewood Ranch, FL.


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