The Barbet - A Large Hypoallergenic Canine

Do you have allergies, but desperately want a dog to love on and play with? Looking for a large dog? The Barbet just might be what you’re looking for. This great, big, 35 to 65 pound giant is hypoallergenic! He’s also a very lovable, affectionate, playful, fun, energetic family dog. The Barbet was bred to hunt and excels in swimming and retrieving. He’d love to go on the trails with you, swim with you, or just lounge around on the couch although you might get pushed off! The Barbet is covered in a dense black coat of curls with occasional white markings on the chest or feet. He loves to play games and is easy to train and eager to please. Height is between medium and large or between 18 and 24.5 inches tall. Your veterinary clinic Helotes, TX can tell you the typical lifespan is 12 to 14 years. Schedule an appointment today!


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