Housing Tips For Hamsters

Hamsters are susceptible to extreme environmental conditions. They are not hardy animals thus, they need a comfortable and spacious enclosure that will protect them from the sun, drafts, and cold. In their natural habitat, hamsters live a very active lifestyle; they are able to run long distances. Even if they like to snuggle and sleep in a corner of their cage, they will need enough room to engage in natural behaviors. Hamsters are great escape artists, thus a traditional cage must have a tightly-fitted wire lid. The minimum space requirement for hamsters is about 60 cm (width) by 30 cm (length). Give your pet lots of physical and mental stimulation by putting in a hamster tubes and hamster furniture. If you allow your pet hamster to spend time outside their cage, make sure the room has been hamster-proof and make sure to seal potential escape routes. 

Sudden changes in your pet’s health and/or behavior should warrant an appointment with your pet clinic Dahlonega, GA. 


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