Keeping Pet Rabbits Healthy

In addition to a complete and balanced diet, rabbits should be protected from infectious diseases. You can ask your veterinarian for vaccinations that are appropriate for your pet. Two common viral diseases that rabbits are vaccinated from include rabbit hemorrhagic disease (RHD) and myxomatosis. These diseases can cause death in rabbits that are unvaccinated. In determining what vaccines your pet rabbit may need and how often should vaccination be done, your vet generally takes into consideration whether your rabbit is allowed to spend time outdoors or strictly confined indoors, or if there are other rabbits in your home. Even if your bunny is strictly confined indoors, there will still be a possibility that it can acquire disease or parasites as there are various routes of infection — such as direct exposure or contact with ill rabbits or it could indirectly via the air, shoes, birds, insects, etc.

Your veterinarian Bucks County, PA is a valuable source of information about your pet’s health and behavior. 

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