Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

It’s pretty common to see or hear of dogs eating grass, but what about cats? Do cats eat grass and why? Some cats do actually eat grass just like dogs. If you see your cat eating grass a lot then you may want to call your vet. Although not as much as dogs, cats do occasionally eat grass as well. Why? Some experts believe eating grass can be beneficial for cats. Eating grass often tickles or irritates the throat causing the cat to gag or throw up. This can help clean the digestive tract and help eliminate indigestible matter like fur, feathers, bones or whatever else your cat may have stumbled across. In fact, some of noticed that cats seem to feel better after eating grass and throwing up. Cats may also eat grass if they are constipated. Grass can serve as a natural laxative and can also be a source of folic acid and vitamin C. Learn more by clicking here to contact your veterinarian Lexington, KY.


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