What Are Cat Essentials?

Having cats around the house can be fun, but owners need to understand that they can get very finicky with their daily needs so it’s important to understand how best to meet these needs. 

Just like other pets, the essential needs of cats generally include having a safe and enriched indoor environment, a complete and balanced diet, fresh clean water, clean and well-maintained litter boxes, and adequate physical and mental stimulation. Cat parents need to be able to feed their pets on a regular schedule to prevent stress and get them to drink enough water to stay hydrated. To avoid litter box issues and inappropriate elimination, it’s crucial to make sure that the litter box is free from undesirable odors, placed in areas with less household traffic, has a suitable litter type, and other concerns that should satisfy a cat’s finicky tastes. 

Sudden changes in your pet’s water intake or elimination habits should warrant an appointment with your best veterinary hospital Murrieta, CA.


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