Do Chinchillas Sweat?

As the spring and summer months roll in you may be wondering how to cool your chinchilla needs to be. You may even wonder if a chinchilla can sweat to cool himself off. Chinchillas can actually sweat. Although Chinchillas require a somewhat warmer temperature to be comfortable, they do not need to be in environments over 75 degrees Fahrenheit. When temperatures start to soar past 75 your chinchilla could be in danger of heat stroke. In general, chinchillas can regulate their body temperatures by radiating heat through the large blood vessels in their ears. With this simple action, chinchillas are able to stay at the right body temperature whether it’s hot or cold outside. Even with this ability, however, overheating is possible. Keep your chinchilla in a cool part of the house and make sure he has plenty of water. If your chinchilla seems lethargic, not drinking or eating or acting oddly, please call your veterinary clinic Ellicott City, MD.


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