Many Pet Reptiles Show Aggressive Behavior

Pet dogs and cats are vastly different from pet reptiles because dogs and cats have experienced long-term domestication and relationships with humans. While pet reptiles can be tamed and can be amazing pets for some people, you should always keep in mind that they are, by nature, wild animals. Some pet reptiles have been captured directly from the wild, while some have already been captive-bred by experienced breeders.

Pet reptile owners should note that the aggressiveness of pet reptiles is not always directed at them; it's just their natural instinct most of the time. Incidents of aggressiveness or an attack should be figured out why they occurred so as to prevent future incidents. Here are several triggers of aggressive behavior that you need to be aware of:

· Sudden movements or noise

· When a pet reptile sees a perceived threat in its surrounding (reptiles are highly territorial)

· The actual presence of a possible threat

· Certain reptile species are known to show a quick display of aggressiveness

· Reptiles can be more aggressive during mating season

Your pet reptile will benefit from regular health checks that will be performed by your vet clinic Tipp City, OH


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