Tear Duct Blockage In Cats

If you see any kind of drainage coming out of your cat’s eye for a prolonged period of time, please give your vet a call. Your cat’s eyes may be watery at times but it usually won’t last. When it lasts it could be because your cat’s eyes are irritated by allergies or even something in the eye. An irritated eye may eye show welling, be watery, or even have a drainage of green or yellow gunk. These are signs that you should call the vet. In cases where there is no irritation or debris in the eye then the eye itself could be scratched or the tear ducts could be damaged. If it’s related to the tear ducts then they may be blocked. Epiphora is the medical term for a cat’s tears ducts not draining as they should. The inability to drain could signal a blockage or another underlying medical condition. Click to learn more or call your vets Virginia Beach, VA. 


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